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Promoting international health and wholeness from a holistic perspective

Bridge-PIC, in collaboration with its affiliates in Ghana, USA and South Africa provides sound psychological and social health intervention services and programmes for its clients. Our consultants and service providing professionals are properly licensed and accredited by their respective professional bodies and thus provide excellent services. The company is a limited liability company, incorporated under the companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) with registered number CS182152017 and Tax Identification Number (TIN) C0008747563.

We have provided and continue to provide very satisfying services to our clients from the corporate world, Social Welfare organizations, Educational sector institutions, Estate development, Health ministry, Civil Society Organizations and to specialized groups and individuals. These services cut across all the seventeen (17) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but fit specifically within goal number three: Good health and well-being.

We cannot wait to start seeing in you, the satisfying change that our programmes bring.

Albright A. Banibensu, MPhil, MGPA, MCCIH, MGNACC
Licensed Counselling Psychologist / Senior Consultant
Family Support Staff
Our Resource Persons
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