Family Therapy Centre Project


The family therapy centre, also known as the Professional Intervention Centre (PIC) will be manned by a Counselling Psychologist. It will also have visiting therapists. It will serve individuals and families in distress. This Family Therapy center is envisaged to be the future home for both the permanent office of Bridge-PIC and also serve as a place of serenity for counselling/psychotherapy and providing temporary shelter for the hurting clients.

Everybody needs to, once a while or often, find a place to reflect and get re-invigorated in all five dimensions of life (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Social). About 2.2million Ghanaians need such places. Sadly, only about 1.17% of the population in Ghana (WHO, 2007) seeks and gets help for such health needs. For those who practice the Christian faith, Jesus Christ acknowledges the need to go to a solitary place to replenish one’s spirit and commune with the Heavenly father. He also encouraged his disciples to do so (Mk 6: 31).

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