Family Therapy Centre Project


The family therapy centre, also known as the Professional Intervention Centre (PIC) will be manned by a Counselling Psychologist. It will also have visiting therapists. It will serve individuals and families in distress. This Family Therapy center is envisaged to be the future home for both the permanent office of Bridge-PIC and also serve as a place of serenity for counselling/psychotherapy and providing temporary shelter for the hurting clients.

Everybody needs to, once a while or often, find a place to reflect and get re-invigorated in all five dimensions of life (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Social). About 2.2million Ghanaians need such places. Sadly, only about 1.17% of the population in Ghana (WHO, 2007) seeks and gets help for such health needs. For those who practice the Christian faith, Jesus Christ acknowledges the need to go to a solitary place to replenish one’s spirit and commune with the Heavenly father. He also encouraged his disciples to do so (Mk 6: 31).


Nature of project:

The main parts of this project are:

  1. a. to acquire a piece of land at the outskirts of Ho in the Volta Region and
  2. b. put up an office complex, a residence for staff, a hostel that will serve as temporary shelter for the hurting and a training facility where people can take courses in clinical/counselling psychology and a general ministry to the hurting.

However, first of all, the project will begin with the borehole (with a pump and generator fixed later) and then a simple office that will double as housing/store. This is to ensure that there is human presence and security before the rest of the project takes off.

Needs for the project:

  • • Land. (Acquired already)
  • • Well (Borehole done) – There is need for a pump to be installed. • Building materials. • Office equipment and furniture.
  • • Security equipment.
  • • Power plant or Solar panels for electricity
  • • Landscaping and horticultural materials.
  • • Financial support for volunteers and staff.
  • • A vehicle and two motorbikes

Why support this project?

  • • You would have provided a platform for restoring relationships/marriages, healing the hurting such as people living with terminal illnesses, people rescued from trafficking, people contemplating suicide, abortion etc.
  • • By supporting this project, you are helping to provide a place for internship for practitioners in training. They need a place to acquire the skills for this all-important service.
  • • There is no better way to invest than into a proven ministry model that is holistic - Biopsychotheosocial (Luke 4: 18).
  • • By supporting this project, one has laid the foundation for a Worldwide project. Bridge-PIC will expand to all ten regions of Ghana and then Africa and to the rest of the world!
  • • You will actively partner with us to provide a base for online Counsellors who are being recruited by Bridge-PIC. They will use the Family Therapy Center to reach out to the world through the power of the internet

Project implementation plan:

  • P1: Water project. Borehole ready; pump and generator needed.
  • P2: Temporary office/ Housing/Store.
  • P3: Main Therapy Center/ Conference room and training center (One or two storey).
  • P4: Respite for in-clients (Biopsychotheosocial healing rooms).
  • P5: Housing for visiting therapists/ Permanent staff/Interns