Mental Health Issues Among Entrepreneurs: Taking a Look at Facts

November 2019 - Multiple reports have come in over the last few years that confirm the fact about entrepreneurs being more susceptible to psychiatric problems than their employees. One of the more well-known of these recent studies was conducted by the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards, simply titled 'Mental Health in Entrepreneurship'. Taking a look at the facts revealed by the survey, alongside a few others, will shed more light on the problem at hand here.

A Majority of the 100 Surveyed Entrepreneurs were Found to be Plagued by Psychiatric Issues

As many as 58 of the 100 participants were diagnosed by registered psychiatrists with mental health problems. 55 of the participants even admitted to the effects of entrepreneurship on their own psyche being harmful.

There were, primarily, three top mental health problems noticed and diagnosed by the psychiatrists involved in the survey. They were stress (41%), anxiety (21%) and depression (19%), proving stress to actually be a precursor to the other problems in a majority of the individuals.