Research / Respite


  • Afrocentric researches
  • Research tools adaptation
  • Short courses on contemporary issues in research
  • Intensive three day seminars on mastering theorization and design, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, moderation and mediation analysis suing SPSS Amos


  • Family Therapy Centre project

Community Outreach Programmes (COP)

  • Excelling through Emotional Intelligence (EI).
  • Crisis assessment and management
  • Sex Addiction Disorder and Dysfunctions: Psychological underpinnings
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (Shyness) management
  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression management
  • Marital conflict resolution: Male/Female Differences model.
  • Career suitability assessment and guidance
  • Studying skills for higher performance

Training programmes

  • Counsellor training:
    • Basic Counselling Skills Development
    • Advanced, area specific Counselling Skills Development
  • Human Resource Service Providers’ training
  • Public Speaking Skills development
  • Event Management
  • Early Childhood Educators’ training
  • Fundraising and Proposal Writing training
  • Creative Volunteer Recruitment
  • NGO management
  • Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives development

Conferencing / Workshops

  • Living your dreams 
  • Stress Management and Rejuvenation retreats:
  • Relationship Enrichment Seminars: 
    • Couples Only Retreat Therapy (CORT) 
    • Couples and Singles Summit (CaSS)
    • Singles Only Retreat Therapy (SORT)
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